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Woke up at 5am feeling awful — sore back, sore pecs, painful foot — and couldn’t go back to sleep, so just got up, did some stretching and writing and coffee-drinking.

8:00 — dragged myself to the gym, stretched, mobilized, warmed up, and fortunately everything loosened up enough to let me do 14.4 again. Two small changes — slowing the hell down on the row (4:00 instead of Friday’s 3:35) and putting a mat under my feet for T2B — allowed me to get through TEN more cleans than the first time (total reps: 167). And things felt so much better overall… I mean, I was still dying, but not DYING like on Friday. Tore my hands, but only the palms; thank goodness for Jack’s rip gel. Had 10g BCAAs throughout.

11:30 — ate the WORLD. A bunch of deli roast beef with guac (could taste the animal-ness of the beef, in a good way… felt very primal for some reason, maybe because I was so depleted from that damn workout), then a kale-spinach salad with pear vinaigrette. Then half a gigantic sweet potato with butter. Second time in two days that I’ve voluntarily stopped eating midway through, because I just didn’t want any more of a particular thing… will save the rest for dinner. Small victories — awareness, followed by action. But you better believe I still capped it all off with more coffee and a Kind bar… not because I ‘needed’ one, but because it’s a cloudy gray weekend day and that ‘experience’ just felt like the thing to do. :)

17:45 — finally pried myself off the floor in front of the TV and made an enchilada mix (2 lb chicken breast cut into small pieces, cooked in enchilada sauce with fire-roasted peppers, onions, spinach, tomatoes and green chilis) and had a serving of that with rice. Then Brussels sprouts plus the rest of the sweet potato from earlier. Then spice tea, three ginger candies, and one square of 100% Ghirardelli.

Proud of how I did this morning, but have been TOTALLY depleted for the entire day since… hard time getting motivated to get up off the floor (have been on my yoga mat in front of Netflix for most of the afternoon). Sore lower back, tight shoulders and traps, sore foot, crunchy pecs, torn hands. Actually caved in and took ibuprofen in the early afternoon, and will likely take more before bed. Probably going to take a rest day tomorrow unless the workout is totally irresistible… the extra sleep is probably going to prove valuable.

Woke up feeling like I legit got hit by a truck. My back, which had been doing so much better, felt terrible again; right foot still hurts (tried out new work shoes yesterday; they held up OK, but definitely need some breaking in); and my pecs are also really sore for some reason (wtf?). 14.4 was rough, but I didn’t think it had been THIS rough. On the plus side, for whatever reason, I also woke up feeling very skinny. :)

8:00 — two smallish cups of black coffee

10:00 — 10g BCAAs at Open Gym (even though I was doing very little actual work… LOL)

13:30 — allllll the things. Sprouted sweet potato chips and guac, followed by one of the little personal-size Amy’s pizzas (gluten-free, dairy-free, basically just a rice crust with olive oil and veggies — artichokes, peppers, onions, and mushrooms). Wasn’t quite satisfied and had to admit that most of the above was straight-up starch, so made a big salad with beef, tomatoes, and pearl onions. That filled me up; actually didn’t quite finish it (extremely unusual for me). Then, about 15 minutes later, had my weekend treat: an apple-cinnamon-pecan Kind bar with the last little dab of leftover coffee. It was as delicious as always, and — it definitely wasn’t my imagination — I noticed stronger, sweeter layers of flavor than usual… could taste the nuts and the apples and the cinnamon all separately. Interesting. Guess that’s what happens when you’re taking in less sugar on the reg.

18:45 — yesterday’s leftover stir-fry (shrimp + peppers + spinach + red curry sauce and coconut milk, served over rice). Then a plantain fried in coconut oil with cinnamon/salt/honey, one square of 100% Ghirardelli, and spice tea.

6:00 — cup of coffee when I first woke up (because it’s OPEN DAY), then 10g BCAAs at the gym

7:30 — one scoop of protein powder and a second cup of coffee. Had a 9am work start and couldn’t contemplate real food right away.

8:30 — kale + rice + two chopped apple chicken sausages + pico de gallo, all thrown together in a bowl and wolfed down on my way out the door

13:00 — the other half of yesterday’s stir-fry (rice + beef + turkey + broccoli + red chili sauce with coconut milk). Tasted even better the second day! :)

18:15 — reallllllly tempted to eat out (it was a beautiful sunny day, I was walking around in aviators and flip-flops and cute new slouchy pants…), but instead contented myself with a splurge on a new duffel bag from lululemon. :) Then came home and made GF rice pasta (the trick to give it a normal texture and not have it stick together is to boil it for just three minutes, then take it off the heat, cover it, and just let it sit there in the water for a further 15 minutes. GAME CHANGER. How did I get this far in life without knowing this?!?)… even though it’s basically just rice as far as my body is concerned, it ‘feels’ more special! :) Then made another batch of the shrimp stir-fry (shrimp + bell peppers + spinach + red chili sauce with coconut milk). Saved half for a meal tomorrow. Then one square of 100% Ghirardelli, 2 ginger candies, and a mug of spice tea.

Flex day off work, so had my cheat meal: breakfast at Ants Pants with Rach.

8:00 — coffee, sirloin hash (served over shoestring fries with ranch dressing and two sunny-side-up eggs), plus half an order of sweet potato wedges (with sour cream and chili sauce). Totally worth it.

17:15 — wasn’t truly hungry again until dinnertime. Had the last 3 slices of the first lb of my deli roast beef, then beef & broccoli stir-fry with red chili sauce and coconut milk, served over rice. Also added the last of the ground turkey, since the meat-to-veg ratio was a little skewed. :) Saved half for tomorrow’s lunch. Then a plantain fried in coconut oil with cinnamon, sea salt, and honey, plus one square of 100% Ghirardelli and a mug of spice tea.

6:00 — 10g BCAAs

7:30 — rice crisps and pico de gallo in an attempt to get some starch; then, at work, 2 hard-boiled eggs and 1 apple chicken sausage

12:30 — shrimp in red curry sauce and coconut milk with peppers, onions, and spinach. Was supposed to go over rice, but apparently I never put any in the container. Oops.

14:00 — bag of jerky (WTF is with these 2pm munchies?)

18:15 — one large chicken breast with quinoa, sweet potatoes, kale, and peppers. Then Brussels sprouts with Parmesan and a little ground turkey with pico de gallo. Then a plantain fried in coconut oil, one square of 100% Ghirardelli, and a mug of spice tea.

Had to skip CrossFit… my body felt legitimately broken. Back hurts from 14.3, shoulders and triceps hurt from a thousand ring dips and push-ups at Open Gym, and right foot hurts because the universe hates me. Feeling some anxiety over that last one… really don’t want to end up in one of the pain spirals I’ve experienced SO many times with this (literal) Achilles’ heel. Need to get new work shoes when I’m off on Thursday and see if I can nip this in the bud.

7:00 — coffee, four slices of roast beef, guac, few rice crisps. Not exactly balanced in the proper way, but I did stay full until lunch.

13:00 — CustomFit herb turkey burger with pineapple, jalapeno, tomato, and onion, with a side of green beans. One of my favorites.

14:00 — bag of jerky. STARVING, maybe because breakfast wasn’t adequate. The jerky did the trick, though.

18:45 — 8oz chicken breast added to Trader Joe’s gluten-free minestrone, then some Brussels sprouts with Parmesan. Then one ginger candy, one square of 100% Ghirardelli, and spice tea.

6:00 — 10g BCAAs at CrossFit… loved the workout (toes-to-bar, light thrusters, and DUs); wish it had been part of the Open! :)

7:30 — trying to add some starch into breakfast for a change… had the rest of the baby potatoes with dill and tzatziki, plus a scoop of protein powder in water. Then, at 9am at work, two hard-boiled eggs and one apple chicken sausage.

13:00 — CustomFit bowl with shredded beef, sweet potatoes, and sofrito

18:30 — BIG dinner, but all mindfully eaten. Appetizer: rice crisps with guac (a very responsibly controlled portion :)). First course: kale and rice with the leftover peanut stir-fry (beef strips with carrots, onions, broccoli, green beans, peppers, and mushrooms in a peanut sauce). Second course: Brussels sprouts with Parmesan, ground turkey with pico de gallo. Dessert: one square of 100% Ghirardelli, two ginger candies, mug of Bengal Spice tea.

8:00 — coffee and BCAAs at Open Gym

11:30 — fresh kale topped with white rice topped with shrimp stir-fry (shrimp, peppers, onions, spinach, red curry sauce, coconut milk), one square of 100% Ghirardelli baking chocolate (so bitter I literally don’t want more than one piece), mug of Bengal Spice tea

15:00 — one chicken breast with guacamole, baby potatoes with dill and tzatziki, a few rice crisps with more guacamole, the last few pieces of the 85% chocolate (since I’ll clearly no longer be needing it). Broke the rules here — no greens (unless the guac counts :-))

18:30 — Brussels sprouts with Parmesan, ground turkey with pico de gallo, one square of 100% Ghirardelli, mug of Bengal Spice tea

Had a minor freakout about food and body composition earlier this week and met with the lovely ironandspice yesterday to talk a few things out. Haven’t quite got sufficient words for everything swirling through my head just yet, but did some major damage at Whole Paycheck Whole Foods today as a result of the conversation. The takeaway is: back to basics. No macros, no fasting, just fist-sized amounts of protein, starch, and greens at every meal. With that in mind, here’s what today looked like:

(…though please ignore the morning; I seriously never eat before the gym, but I actually slept last night and thus woke up early, and the timing of All the Things was off since it’s Saturday… so I ended up having coffee, the last Kind bar, and a few spoonfuls of ground turkey. Then did essentially nothing at the gym because my back was hurting from yesterday’s deadlifts — plus it was way more fun to watch all the crazy strong people attacking 14.3. So I spent three hours mobilizing, stretching, chatting, cheering, doing 15 minutes on the airdyne, and doing about 20 pull-ups. Seems reasonable…)

Anyway. Got home around 2pm and was starving, so had about 1/2 lb of sliced roast beef (the good stuff from the deli counter, pink in the middle) with two big spoonfuls of guacamole (probably a little too much, but MAGICAL). Then Brussels sprouts (cooked with coconut oil, garlic, and lemon juice, yum). Then some roasted baby potatoes with dill and a dab of tzatziki. Then a handful of straight 100% cacao nibs, which I finally found. They’re not exactly tasty, but do kill the sugar craving.

Sat in the sun on the roof for an hour and a half… which I doubt is actually permitted (I was basically sitting amongst a farm of air-conditioning units) but the door was unlocked and the sun was shining, so… easier to ask forgiveness than permission? :) It was a little too breezy to be truly comfortable, but felt luxurious to have my arms and legs uncovered for the first time this season!

17:00 — hungry again, so made a stir-fry: pre-cut beef strips with a bag of mixed veg (broccoli, carrots, green beans, mushrooms, onions, red bell peppers) with some Thai peanut sauce. Ate half and saved the other half in Tupperware for one of my lunches next week. I topped it with Parmesan cheese because that just seems to make everything taste better. :) I was out of frozen rice and couldn’t bring myself to cook it ‘the long way’, so microwaved a sweet potato instead, then cut it into chunks and used that as the starch/base. Not the BEST flavor combination, but perfectly adequate, and definitely got a good hunger signal since I wasn’t doing the “oh-but-it-just-TASTES-so-good” thing I sometimes do when I don’t want to stop eating. Dessert was a plantain fried in coconut oil and topped with cinnamon, sea salt, and a drizzle of honey. Then Bengal Spice tea just because I could — holy delicious. Finished eating around 6 and not planning to have anything else, though I think I’m going to be dragged out for a St. Patrick’s Day drink in a couple hours. Need to get back to my no-food-after-7pm rule, but I’ve been getting home from work so late lately that it makes things difficult… 

No CrossFit again today since I worked at a satellite (plus the next Open workout is tomorrow)

7:45 two apple chicken sausages with guacamole and some rice chips, followed by a snack in the car on the way to Exton: 12oz black coffee and an apple-cinnamon-pecan Kind bar (because is there ANY better taste combo than a Kind bar and coffee?!?).

12:30 the last serving of my leftover curry (rice + chopped-up chicken sausages + peppers, onions, kale, and spinach with curry sauce) 

17:00 turkey Epic bar in the car on the way home

18:15 the last of the guacamole and rice chips

19:00 rice + stir-fry of pre-cut Whole Foods veggies (broccoli, zucchini, squash, onions, peppers, snap peas) with pre-cut chicken, topped with the last of the coconut milk mixed with the last of the red Thai chili sauce (a ’50s housewife would be proud of how I used up those leftovers and made them ‘stretch’ in a way that was both tasty and delicious!). Topped it with Parmesan cheese. Sort of random, but turned out great.

19:30 — chai tea, a few squares of 85% chocolate, a tiny glass of almond milk, and 2 ginger candies.

…and now no more satellite clinics for THREE STRAIGHT WEEKS. This makes life MUCH better.